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A Song for the Raggedy Hillside ©2012 Rev. Chad Wells/Cricketbows This one is for the raggedy hillside A song for the fields where I played So young and I'm never going back there Too late to visit them again This one is for my backyard airport Where I learned to throw a boomerang And all the clay pigeons I collected And the schoolyard in Summer I'd escape And this one is for the people that I left there The old lady who lived across the street The sign painter who lived down in the basement And the girls who thought that I was sweet This one is for the raggedy hillside This one is for the babbling creek This one is for the billowing skyscape This one's for my childhood memories This one is for my innocent girlfriend And her mother's grey Dodge Dynasty This one is for my traveling companions And all the hoodlums who were my family This one is for the raggedy hillside This one is for the babbling creek This one is for the billowing skyscape This one's for my childhood memories Where are all the raggedy hillsides? They look like a neighborhood to me With all of their cookie cutter castles Perched atop my childhood memories Looking out my window At a peppermint shadow And a field of bricks where the cars used to grow Looking out at the street Where my friends and I would meet And the pile of bricks where my book bag used to go This one is for a raggedy hillside This one is for the babbling creek This one is for the billowing smoke cloud Where I left my childhood memories credits


"LID" is the third album in the Cricketbows canon and is also the most direct. Leaning further toward a streamlined (yet still psychedelic and progressive) sound, "LID" jettisons the long instrumental jams of the first two albums in favor of concise, well built and heartfelt songs. A svelte, 8 tracks with only one (very rocking) instrumental track, "LID" is Cricketbows helmsman Rev. Chad Wells flexing his songwriter's muscles. As a trilogy, "hOMe" was the come on, the first waves after ingesting the spore and "Mycocosmic Transmission" was the peak of the trip and it's psychological secrets unlocking themselves. "LID" is the come down. Days, weeks and months after the earth shattering psychedelic experience where hindsight and a clearer head prevail to draw audible pictures for the listener to try to make heads or tails of what the whole psychonautical journey was about. This third album finds Wells once again steering the ship, writing and performing nearly every sound with a little help from fellow Ohioan, Andy Gabbard of Buffalo Killers who, on three of the albums tracks, adds backing vocals, some guitars and a pedal steel-esque lead guitar track that summons the rural spirit of Neil Young and Marc Ford era Black Crowes somehow simultaneously. The album's title, "LID" has many meanings, from the obvious 60's weed reference to that part of one's being that gets "flipped" by a psychedelic experience to it being the closing of this first Cricketbows trilogy. The album art pays homage to what Wells states is the most personally influential record in his personal collection - the soundtrack to The Monkees and Jack Nicholson's cult classic freak out film "HEAD". As a very astute observer of the psychedelic human condition once said, "Buy the ticket, take the ride".


released November 29, 2012

All songs written, performed and recorded by Rev. Chad Wells
Andy Gabbard provides backing vocals and guitar on tracks 1, 2 and 3.
Presley Jayne Wells provides maraccas on track 5.
Mastered by Mike Day


all rights reserved



Cricketbows Dayton, Ohio

Ohio Indie/Psych/Classic Rock - Visual, Mystical. Epic. Compared to artists as wide ranging as Jane's Addiction, The Beatles, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane/ Male/Female vocals, classic rock elements, captivating lyrics.

Band Members:
Chad Wells: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Aarika Watson: Vocals/Flute/Tambourine
Michael Bisig: Lead Guitar
Christopher Corn: Bass
Kyle Sweney: Drums
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